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Why uPVC Frames & Installation?

uPVC, also known as unplasticized polyvinyl chloride is an energy-efficient and sustainable alternative to other window framing options.

With weather resistance, fire retardancy, and extra security you can be sure residents of your home or building are safe. Alongside this uPVC is a stylish, condensation free, addition to any home. Read below to find out more about the benefits of uPVC.

Why uPVC Frames
& Installation?

Low Maintenance

Euro Frames uPVC frames are incredibly low maintenance with no need for varnishing, sanding or repainting. A simple scrub with soap and water will remove stains and keep your frames looking brand new.

Environmentally Friendly

Euro Frames uPVC has a lifespan of 40 to 80 years and requires fewer materials than other frame solutions. It can be recycled into a range of new resources including roadside guideposts, plumbing pipes, commercial floor tiles, fittings and more.

Good Ventilation

The ’tilt and turn’ configuration of Euro Frames uPVC windows and doors allows for optimal draft-free ventilation alongside easy access for cleaning from the inside of your home.

Locally Owned and Fabricated

All uPVC frames from Euro Frames are locally owned and assembled in Canterbury, New Zealand. This means we can adjust your frame when needed to find that perfect fit.


Euro Frames uPVC has low conductivity of heat meaning it is a great natural insulator for your home, keeping air tightly sealed within. This not only saves you money in the long run with less reliance on air conditioning and heaters but also keeps your family nice and warm on those cold winter days.

High Security

Euro Frames uPVC windows and doors allow for up to 10 different locking points. When used alongside laminate or toughened safety glass, we can achieve secure by design, making your house is virtually impossible to gain entry into.


Euro Frames uPVC material works alongside window panels to help decrease noise coming into your home or building. Compared to traditional counterparts most uPVC doors and windows should reduce external sound by up to 50%.

Fire Retardant

In the event of a fire, uPVC material will keep the primary escape route open for 30 minutes in line with building regulations. This creates a much safer plan for residents of your home or building reducing further incidents.

Weather Resistance

Euro Frames uPVC comes with a double-sealed mechanism that shields against dust, rain and wind. With resistance to weathering including peeling, corroding, drying out and rotting uPVC maintains its original shape and style giving your home or building long-lasting protection and style.

Long Lasting

Euro Frames uPVC is a long-lasting alternative to other timber and aluminum frames with resistance to moisture, pollution, mold, and mildew. Euro Frames unplasticized polyvinyl chloride frames are the perfect solution to keep your home or building looking refreshed for longer.

What our customers have to say

We loved working with the Euro Frames team. They answered all our questions and completed the job to the highest standard. Highly recommend!

Sarah Williamson

Wow! What a professional, friendly team! My new uPVC frame installation looks incredible!

Georgia Ray

We highly recommend Euro Frames and will certainly do business with them again for our next window framing project!

Jeremy Hughston

We are so incredibly happy with our new windows. The Euro Frames team have been really easy to communicate with through the whole process and always replied to questions in a timely manner. We were impressed initially by the competitive pricing compared to the other quotes, as well as their professionalism from first contact and throughout the whole process. We have had half of our house double glazed, it looks amazing and we are so pleased we chose Euro Frames. We are very excited to continue working with them in the future to complete the rest of the house. Highly recommended!


The boys at Euro Frames have just completed stage 2 of my new pvc windows, clean, tidy and fantastic job. Would highly recommend and will not hesitate to use their services again, thanks again Chris and Paul; great job!

Andy Condliffe
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